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Big Sur Ventures manages an open ended vehicle that has a pledge fund structure. This open-ended structure means that member investors may join, or exit at any time. This structure gives investors the ability to invest when they want or can without the large upfront commitment nor the significant penalties of not making a capital call that are a part of closed-end structures.

The pledge fund structure that gives ‘angel’, or individual investors, access to a professionally managed investment paradigm from sourcing to harvest.  Members have to have clear investment intentions but are not obligated to invest in any given target company. The investment decision is entirely the decision of each member.

Members may, if so interested, also have a participative role in key stages of the investment evaluation and post investment management process.  The CLUB goes beyond the traditional VC approach and seeks to add true value to investments.

The pledge fund structure thus addresses and solves daunting issues facing individual investors, from access to deal flow through divestment, many of which keep them on the sidelines of investment.