What we look for

We seek opportunities with highly motivated and experienced leaders, differentiated, defensible and scalable products/services, initial customer traction, long term potential to transform industry segments, potential to achieve significant market share in large and growing markets, the ability to continue to grow independent of market conditions, and the potential for multiple exit opportunities.

Stage: Seed and early stage companies exhibiting a clear path to profitability. We have experience at all stages of company development and are aware of the challenges managements face at each stage of their development. We are however less worried about investment stage than we are about the opportunity to balance risk and a value creation opportunity with great people.

Exceptional leadership: Management teams with the ability to point to prior, successful background in managing a company, project, or business unit against clear business objectives. We look for deep industry/sector expertise, solid judgment, strong leadership skills, managerial experience and intuition, long term commitment, high level of integrity and a passion for their business.

Industry Focus: innovative companies across sectors. We are especially focused on information technology, digital media, internet/SaaS, and technology enabled products and services.

Investment: Big Sur invests between 100.000 y 400.000 euros per round. We prefer to lead or co-lead a round and represent the first institutional capital in a company.

Exit: We look for companies that can provide significant return on investment for all shareholders over multiple exit strategies. Time will depend on overall market conditions and the unique circumstances of each company. We have no fixed term to exit and have the ability to support our portfolio companies over many years.