About Us

Big Sur Ventures invests in innovative companies across sectors. We are especially focused on information technology, digital media, internet/SaaS, and technology enabled products and services. We have a successful track record with companies through numerous market cycles.

We understand what it takes to transform even the best ideas into successful companies. The challenges are significant. As a result, we take an involved, hands-on approach to our portfolio companies providing operational guidance, transactional expertise, capital, network and overall judgment to maximize the potential for success.

We take pride in the strong bonds we form with management teams. This is not only a crucial ingredient to achieving our long term objectives – it importantly makes the process engaging and enjoyable. It is the right long term vision together with the details and flawless execution that makes an average company great. We have the experience, intuition, judgment and industry expertise to ensure that the foundation is in place for management to build a great business with a sustainable competitive advantage.